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Reflections of Raleigh Creative Entrepreneur / Connector


Paula C Snyder is a Raleigh, NC Entrepreneur.  A "mother of reinvention",  she's adapted creatively to all sorts of situations.  Her book "Staying Inspired" (expected release in 2021) uses real life experiences and creative ideas to help others get through life's ups and downs.


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If we had a chance to plant something for the future, what would it be? Our spring weather has been erratic this year. Still, in our neighborhoods, locals are at work cleaning up their gardens, trimming bushes, seeding lawns, and planting annuals. Colorful pansies are one of the favorite blooms found around borders, mailbox posts, and up walkways. Depending on our local climates, some planting tasks maybe done year-round. It might not be productive to toss seeds randomly out our windows any given season, hoping to see them sprout. On the other hand, Jack’s mother threw magic beans out their window...
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      How do we embrace available technology to connect? If you’re like me, you may not be aware of all the possible technological tools available to counter the “disconnect” we are experiencing these days. We may not feel savvy enough, but it is possible to learn something new every day, if we choose. Our connectedness has been forced into dormancy as a result of the current viral pandemic. This situation has set off cravings for in-person social activity, as never before. Certainly, we are seeing a lot of creative ways people are finding to connect despite the current restrictions,...
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Spring Renewal and Sidewalk Art!

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Spring’s always been my favorite season. It brings warmer weather with occasional cool days and winter storm surprises in most of the US areas I have lived. We can’t fully exchange our winter clothes for spring attire, because we are being teased about the real changes until the summer comes along! I actually enjoy this erratic season. Spring wakes us up, keeps us on our toes, and whisks away boredom. Spring brings renewal. April showers revive dormant trees and flowers, while softening the soil for new planting. Fragrant buds are blooming. Birds are singing up a storm. Woodpeckers are tap-tap-tapping, Our...
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Stay at Home: Blessings in Disguise

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I just spent almost 2 hours singing my heart out on the front porch with my 1976 Ovation Legend (guitar). An occasional neighborhood walker stopped (at a distance) to listen or strike up a conversation. Otherwise, I mostly entertained myself. Either way, it gave me a needed warm up/practice and was entirely a joyful experience! Everyone’s aware (or should be) that we are currently under government recommendations and imposed limitations with orders to “Stay at Home” in our immediate area, and many areas in the country. Up until approximately a month ago, I was running around like crazy (a good crazy)...
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While we wait out the effects of Corona Virus, things are getting more and more restrictive. There are fewer places to go if we want to leave our houses. Many who can, are working at home. Kids are out of school. Everyone’s already a little stir crazy. Right? Though we probably have a year’s worth of projects on our “to do” lists, maybe we can challenge ourselves to have some fun (especially to relieve stress - since we have little control over anything else). Cleaning house and organizing gets boring after a while. What else can we do to Stay Inspired...
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2013 Paula C Snyder and Grandma Paula photos by Chris Florio were made possible by the Regional Artist Project Grant.  The Regional Artist Project Grant is funded and administered by the United Arts Council of Raleigh and Wake County.   This project is supported by the N.C. Arts Council, a division of the Department of Cultural Resources.   The program is operated in partnership with the  Franklin County Arts Council, Johnston County Arts Council, Vance County Arts Council and Warren County Arts Council.