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Stay at Home: Blessings in Disguise

Staying Inspired blessings3 30 20I just spent almost 2 hours singing my heart out on the front porch with my 1976 Ovation Legend (guitar). An occasional neighborhood walker stopped (at a distance) to listen or strike up a conversation. Otherwise, I mostly entertained myself. Either way, it gave me a needed warm up/practice and was entirely a joyful experience!

Everyone’s aware (or should be) that we are currently under government recommendations and imposed limitations with orders to “Stay at Home” in our immediate area, and many areas in the country.

Up until approximately a month ago, I was running around like crazy (a good crazy) with performances, meetings, errands, and doing my workouts at the health club. (I love water Zumba!)

With “Stay at Home” restrictions in place, it’s interesting that I didn’t feel an immediate personal panic. My mind easily shifted to “the pressure’s off” mode. Though I am not excited about having to cancel multiple paid performances I’d been booking since last year, I think I will be okay for a while. Like many other musicians, I am finding ways to keep the music in my life, show my work in virtual – or neighborhood - displays, and trying to get to some of my other creative projects while I have the extra time.

I try to dispel the constant scary news reports, and the occasional fearful glimmers about a dire future. Instead, I am trying to stay calm. If a negative thought pops into my mind, I consciously make an instant switch to the most positive things I can think of.

Part of me is enjoying the “vacation” from my normal routine. The other part of me is getting motivated to work towards the moment I can get back to business. I have a list of goals I want to accomplish. I’m completing a few tasks every day.

It’s evident by the creative solutions being shared, particularly on social media, that others are shifting their mindsets too.

I’ve seen some funny posts, including humorous music re-writes (lyrics of songs changed to represent facets of current restrictions or healthcare specifics relevant to our pandemic). Though the humorous posts are relatable, they have a somewhat negative tone of complaint and fear (i.e. being stuck at home, feeling the need to wear unobtainable masks, how much handwashing is enough, the inconvenience and isolation of social distancing, etc.)

For another viewpoint, I’ve decided to list some “Blessings in Disguise” which were prompted by our Stay at Home orders. There are probably other positives I didn’t consider, but I am glad to hear about them if you care to mention them by posting comments.

Obviously, those who have “essential” jobs will still be away from home long hours. Even so, they are blessed to serve in such an important community capacity while earning income towards supporting themselves and family.

Other businesses and employees are blessed to maintain their work on a full-time basis, though temporarily shifting from traditional to at-home offices.

First, let us be thankful for all those who risk their own health while publicly serving the rest of our community (i.e. medical staff/teams, grocery/consumer suppliers, maintenance/support people, construction workers, human services, nonprofit organizations, and others that help keep everything in working order.)

We can surely count our own blessings. It’s better to focus on the “haves” than the “have nots”. Agree? That said, here’s my list of “Blessings in Disguise” to ponder:

  • Alternate routine or no routine at all (we can choose)
  • Stronger family connections
  • Quality Alone/Private time away from the social hustle/bustle
  • New modes of communication
  • More frequent communication
  • View of Neighborhood through fresh eyes (meet neighbors while walking, help neighbors, notice things previously unnoticed – like that tree house in someone’s yard)
  • Community need opportunities to fill (helping in-person or remote volunteering)
  • Fresher air to breathe (less pollution due to fewer vehicles on the road)
  • Fewer $$ spent on less essential items (i.e. makeup, hair, nails, dry cleaning work clothes, etc.) – creates savings or could pay off other debts
  • Catch up home projects (Spring/Summer garden, “Honey Do” list, Spring cleaning, redecorating, organizing closets/photos/papers, etc.)
  • Finds! (Items previously lost or to repurpose for others)
  • Creative cooking (using what’s in the pantry/fridge)
  • Relaxed rules working from home for some (dress less professionally? – work in pajamas?!, include short chores during work day?)
  • Shorter versus absent commute times (save vehicle wear/tear/maintenance/Gasoline – and ROAD RAGE!)
  • Time for entrepreneurial planning catch up (review/adjust business plan, accounting tasks/tax prep, research, prepare presentations, website updates, create on-line freelancing or hobby related income)
  • Learning (Ancestry, You Tube DIY, TED Talks, Virtual seminars, On-Line courses, Toastmasters meetings - anywhere in the world!)
  • Dreaming (map out vacation ideas, envision new home, build a new business idea)
  • Reminiscing (listen to old music, watch movie favorites, sort photographs, Google or find social network groups/individuals from prior neighborhoods/childhood friends)
  • Staying healthy (more safety from potential exposure to others who are sick while protecting others from becoming sick if we carry virus particles to someone else, longer sleeping hours available, time for home cooking to store extra meals, drink more water – the bathroom’s closer by :) )
  • Playing or playing hooky (pulling all-nighters for fun or just because, watching TV or videos all day, reading books that have never been touched or revisit those read long ago, family charades, gazing at stars, taking photographs, de-stress and zone out) – Make this a vacation from “same old, same old” everyday life!

Try journaling thoughts. Document your own list of positives! Maybe we will all reset our priorities when the restrictions end?

Remember, POSITIVES are ALWAYS POSSIBLE. (We don’t have to wait for crazy restrictive times to think about them.)

Stay Inspired and keep sharing/posting those inspirations. We are all in this together.

Paula C Snyder


**Staying Inspired Artwork/Layout Created and Article/Blog Written by Paula C Snyder © 2020 – All Rights Reserved**
**Photo credit: Paula C Snyder

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