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Staying Inspired - a Literary Work in Progress

My name is Paula C Snyder. I am not a medical doctor or PhD. My college Bachelor’s Degree shows a major in Psychology. (I use it on myself to stay sane).   I am a vocalist, musician, songwriter, artist, and motivational speaker with fairly equal right and left brain function. I am mature (after ripening for years), and experienced (plenty of bad with some amazing goods).


What do I know about “Staying Inspired”?


Staying Inspired is how I survive whatever life throws at me, and still end up in a joyful state. I know the benefits of staying inspired because I have experienced many different things in my life by following my own unique path, (often despite the well-intended advice of others). I have tried and failed. I have tried and succeeded too. I’ve lived, and learned. I want to keep living -- and learning.


My body is wearing out. So what? I have the privilege and good fortune to be growing old! My “young” mind keeps screaming out “MORE”! It’s brainstorming, staying in constant motion. Sometimes I just want it to “shut up” and give me some peace or let me get some sleep. Usually, what I really want most is to manage my abundant creative ideas and keep them ready for action. Pose a problem? My mind goes wild with solutions. In fact, I’ve often told myself if I’d acted on less than half of them, I would have been a millionairess by now.


I am just a regular person, with good days and bad days, ups and downs, excitement and stale feelings. The difference is that I get creative with the game of life. Somehow, when I start to fade, one of those amazing brainstorms just perks me up and I am raring to go all over again. I strive to be positive and happy.   When that’s not working, I fake it. To me, that is what Staying Inspired is all about.


A number of people have said to me, “You ought to write a book”.  So, I started writing one late last year.  I hope to have it ready to publish in 2019. 


In the meantime, I will try to share some pieces of my journey here and look forward to "Staying Inspired" with YOU!


Paula C Snyder 



**Excerpt concept from Paula’s soon to be published “Staying Inspired”

Article/Blog Written by Paula C Snyder © 2018 – All Rights Reserved**


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