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What Are We Doing to Stay Inspired TODAY?

Staying Inspired 3 6 20With all the newscasts/social media posts regarding Corona virus, stock market dips, presidential elections, (plus our everyday natural disasters, robberies, murders, and people who do stupid things) – a girl – or anyone - could get depressed!

Just the other day, I saw a Facebook post suggesting we rate our level of worry (from 1 to 10) about the impact of Corona Virus. If I were to put a lot of thought into that discussion, I’d be even more worried! It didn’t make sense to RATE my level of worry. Instead, I acknowledged the issue with a remark that I’d rather focus on the things I COULD do.

We may not be able to change what’s happening around us, but if we have positive ideas and share them, perhaps we can make these times more tolerable, even joyful, as we navigate SOLUTIONS to the bigger problems.
It’s up to us to “Stay Inspired”. We may not be able to count on those around us who are experiencing growing panic and overwhelming worry.

What Are We Doing to Stay Inspired TODAY?

I’ll start.

SLEEP & WAKE: I woke up! Today I did not have to be anywhere early, so I didn’t set my alarm. For some reason, though Daylight Savings Time just began, my body wanted to go to sleep and wake earlier than usual (instead of fight for that extra hour). This gave me more time to be productive – or meander – if I preferred.

EXERCISE: Next, I got myself to a water aerobics class. There is nothing more relaxing and inspiring than exercising to music while splashing around like a kid in a pool. Not only that – those in the pool sing along to the music spontaneously – so there’s enjoyment in hearing various song renditions, harmony, back up singing, and just watching people be silly.

ENGAGEMENT: I listened to an audio book in the car, instead of news on the radio.

OFFER HOPE: I offered support, encouragement, and a few ideas to someone who was worried about a situation.

COUNTER NEGATIVES WITH POSITIVES: One of my senior communities with which I maintain a schedule of music performances, cancelled tomorrow’s performance due to threats of illness. I expected this might happen, and there was nothing I could do about it. However, this gave me the privilege of removing an early wakeup call from tomorrow’s calendar. Now I can look forward to sleeping in! I will lose business income, but then that client will work with ME if something comes up on my end in the future. In addition, I actively enforce/maintain a savings plan to assure I can at least pay immediate bills if income is interrupted for a while.

GET CREATIVE: I’ve also brainstormed ways I can replace income. One of the services I get asked to perform frequently is singing telegrams. I suspect that business will slow during this crazy time too. On the other hand I’d previously started “Verses to Go”, which includes the live telegrams – but also offers custom poetry. Poetry can be created and sent electronically for the client to print, or it can be printed and mailed. With the extra hours I just acquired, I can update my website and start advertising the custom poetry more seriously.
There are multiple ongoing creative projects to work on. I am in the middle of editing my book, “Staying Inspired”, and preparing several signature motivational speeches for live or virtual speaking opportunities. Some writing excerpts can be used in my blogs, the book, or new projects.

EVERYDAY ROUTINE: Cooking and cleaning are great routines to take my mind off of worrisome news. It’s fun for me to figure out healthy ways to use leftover and previously shopped ingredients. Today, I made some easy – but tasty - lunch, and have a nice dinner out/ready to cook. Laundry was piling up, so I added some recently purchased slacks to the load to wash before first wearing. (This gets the extra dyes out and any residue from a previous customer who may have tried them on.)

SET GOALS: My prioritized project “to do” list got updated to remind me to stick with it. This inspired (or distracted ) me to get today’s blog in the works.

ENJOY SURROUNDINGS: I stepped outside for a little bit. It’s a beautiful day in our neighborhood! The sun’s shining. The birds are tweeting. The air is fresh and wonderful. Feels good to breathe.

ENTERTAINMENT: No TV during working hours, but if it comes on later tonight, I will probably indulge in a program that doesn’t take too much brain power. Otherwise, I have plenty of books to read, music to enjoy, and thoughts think (in addition to all my ongoing creative projects). If I want to be unproductive – that’s okay too. I’ll challenge myself to win the games in apps on my phone.

Whether light-hearted or deep, simple or complicated, mindless or mindful, - all’s good. I’m “Staying Inspired”!

I understand that not everyone has the flexibility to live the day I just described. I’ve had my share of juggling survival versus getting ahead (i.e. a full-time job, single parenting, medical problems, family emergencies, and all the ideas constantly going through my head.)

Ever heard that expression, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way”? I know that I found my way to make my music business viable (for the second time in my life) and a number of other ideas too. In between, I’ve challenged myself to make juggling fun.

“Staying Inspired” is all about the “tools” each of us possesses to knock down life’s roadblocks, find beautiful positive light, and experience joy.

If you would like to share What You are Doing to “Stay Inspired” TODAY, comment here, or connect with me. Perhaps we can feature your story in the next blog?

Staying Inspired,

Paula C Snyder



**Staying Inspired Artwork/Layout Created and Article/Blog Written by Paula C Snyder © 2020 – All Rights Reserved**


Staying Inspired TODAY! "Show Your Work"
Staying Inspired - a Literary Work in Progress

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