Paula C Snyder Ignite Your Hidden Creative Genius

Ignite your Hidden Creative Genius - Talks!

                                                                   --CORPORATE workspaces.....
                                                                  --CONFERENCE settings......
                                                                  --WOMEN's EMPOWERMENT......
                                                                  --For PARENTS raising RESOURCEFUL KIDS......
                                                                  --While Attending ORGANIZATION Events......
                                                                  --Even At HOME!

With decades of versatile combined experience in entertainment as a musician/vocalist, in entrepreneurship, and in customer service oriented co-working (from cashier to outside sales/public relations, and quality assurance/vocational analysis), I comfortably and confidently share my challenges, successes, and stories as a speaker in person or on virtual platforms

Whether keynote, break-out session, lunch n' learn, brainstorming meeting, team building, dinner entertainment, group exercise, or one-on-one project there are winning outcomes for all.

The categories below (see photos and click "read more") include a few topics for each area.  Don't connect with a topic?  I enjoy customizing programs to suit my clients,
adding a unique artistic or musical twist (in appropriate settings, of course).  Serious or fun, we can collaborate on finding new solutions.

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