PRESENTATIONS, WORKSHOPS, INNOVATIVE SESSIONS (Live & Virtual Options):  I bring my combined experiences to your corporate setting from the viewpoint of employee, entrepreneur, leader, and creative problem solver.  Let's try a fresh approach! 

 paulacsnyderspeakerLOGOBUTTONOR BLKpaulacsnyderspeakerLOGOBUTTONorange  TAKING OWNERSHIP (EVEN WHEN YOU AREN'T THE BOSS) Using Your hidden Creative Genius to Enhance Employee/Employer Experiences:
Ever hear the comment "It's not my job"?  Though it's good to understand what we are "supposed to do", it takes some creative thinking and actions to put ourselves into an "ownership" frame of mind.  Why should we take ownership?  It's a win-win for both employee and employer.

In this talk, Paula shares her years of experience in "taking ownership" to show employees how to gain an extra level of satisfaction from their work, build new skills for upward movement, and earn the recognition/rewards of doing so.

paulacsnyderspeakerLOGOBUTTONOR BLKpaulacsnyderspeakerLOGOBUTTONorange  FOLLOW TO LEAD Using Your
hidden Creative Genius to Inspire Your Team:

Watch your employees grow as you empower them to think and act more independently.  Let go, and follow their lead to become a better leader.  As employers and managers, you have the extra experience to guide employees and set the rules, but, just like parenting, there is a time to loosen the reins.  In allowing employees to utilize their personalities, what they've learned, and expertise/skills we hired them for, they can exceed your expectations and introduce magical solutions for your business!

Paula can show you how creative "parenting" skills translate in the corporate environment to get the most from your employees.

paulacsnyderspeakerLOGOBUTTONOR BLKpaulacsnyderspeakerLOGOBUTTONorange  OUT OF THE BOX Using Your hidden Creative Genius to Break Free:
In the corporate setting, we have laws, rules, and methods we've created to reach our bottom lines.  There are times the boxes we impose by following the same procedures, stifle our ability to think more openly and brainstorm new ideas.  When the things we are doing aren't working, or we need a boost of new energy, it's time to break free from the "same old", and set new precedents. 

Paula shares stories and examples of limitations versus taking steps outside the box to remind us we have the ability to call on - and act with - our less-inhibited Creative Inner Child for innovative work activities.

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