I knew I did not want to repeat the same mistakes my parents made with me, before I thought of becoming a parent.  (Don't we all say that?)  When I finally gave birth to my beautiful daughter, I swore I'd be the best mother ever.  Our family dynamics changed when my daughter was only a year old.  I became a single parent.  (Parenting with a partner is not always easy either!)  It took a lot of innovation to manage things, give my daughter what she needed in love, attention, and guidance, while also allowing myself to grow as an adult.  Happy endings are possible.  We got through it.  Now, my adult daughter often thanks me for the skills and thought processes I "imposed" on her as she follows her passions.  A mother could not ask for a higher level of reward than that!

Understanding that we all want more for our children than we had for ourselves, and that each child is totally different, I am here to share how I empowered my daughter to be a resourceful adult (and got through the ups and downs of parenting at the same time).  Outstanding results can occur if we just use a little Hidden Creative Genius.

paulacsnyderspeakerLOGOBUTTONOR BLKpaulacsnyderspeakerLOGOBUTTONorange  IGNITING YOUR CHILD'S HIDDEN CREATIVE GENIUS Exploring the Arts

Parents & Grandparents often ask me when they should put their child/grandchild into music or art lessons.  It depends...  There is something to be said for exposure to the arts and music.  Lessons are focused and great for the determined child.  If we want our children to embrace the arts, we need to approach it on a level of family enjoyment.  Every child is not a prodigy.  On the other hand, don't underestimate your child's "Hidden Creative Genius"!

In this talk, Paula discusses the effects of personally being raised in a musical/artistic environment, her experiences with kids and their ability to commit (or not) to their own interests, the difference between forceful versus joyful immersion in the arts, and parental guidance (or interference) in the process of creative exploration.

paulacsnyderspeakerLOGOBUTTONOR BLKpaulacsnyderspeakerLOGOBUTTONorange  FOLLOW TO LEAD Using Your
hidden Creative Genius to Raise Empowered & Resourceful Kids:

We want our children to grow up to be responsible adults.  Do we need to protect them from themselves?  Should we give them everything they ask for?  Can we keep them from falling or failing?  There comes a time to loosen the reins.  In allowing children to utilize their own personalities, ideas, what they've learned, what they think they know, (and what they forget), they can become amazingly resourceful and magical problem solvers as they grow. 

Paula will talk about creative "parenting" skills, how to follow your child's lead, guide without dictating, and tune in on the great person your child can become if allowed.


paulacsnyderspeakerLOGOBUTTONOR BLKpaulacsnyderspeakerLOGOBUTTONorange  THE JOURNEY Mother and Daughter - Combustible to Compatible (with Creative Genius):THE JOURNEY DUET
What do we tell our kids when they are off to do something similar (or stupid) that we did at their age?   Do we want to save them?  Encourage them?  Or manage them?  How do we know what to do - or when to let go?  Eventually kids grow up, and do the things they are going to do.  There is no way to stop them, but we can prepare them.
Mother & Daughter each share special unique stories about their individual road trips, where those roads led, and how their experiences brought them closer together as adults.  This dynamic duo now bonds over creative activities, business partnership, respectful understanding, open communications, and mutual love.  Yes, we can survive parenthood (and childhood) whether raising our kids as partnered or single parents!       

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