KEYNOTES, PRESENTATIONS, WORKSHOPS (Live & Virtual Options):  Throughout my earlier years, I struggled with low self-esteem, lack of acceptance, compulsive eating, and unhealthy relationships.  Despite having little encouragement to do the things I enjoyed, I found ways to reward and empower myself.  When nobody else cared - I cared!  That was enough to keep me going.  I rewarded myself with pats on the back, treated myself to happiness, found real friends, enjoyed and embraced the activitities I loved, and made things work!  Instead of waiting for the "right" opportunities to come my way, I created them.  Any failures were successes, because I learned and grew from each trial.  I kept going.  Finally, I arrived at a self-accepting, peaceful state of mind.  It feels beautiful and powerful.  There are endless options in sight!  The older I get, the MORE I want to do! 

If you don't already feel that way, wouldn't you love to?  I am glad to share some of my stories and ideas to Ignite Your Hidden Creative Genius as a vehicle to experience the life you envision.  It's never too late!

paulacsnyderspeakerLOGOBUTTONOR BLKpaulacsnyderspeakerLOGOBUTTONorange  STAYING INSPIRED: Using Your
hidden Creative Genius in the Journey of Life:

What do we do when roadblocks stop us in our tracks?  Slow down?  Proceed through?  Go around? Back up?  Life is full of roadblocks, whether physical/mental limitations, changes in employment, health issues, or relationships.

In this talk, Paula describes the arsenal of "tools" we already have at our disposal.  Determining which tool to use and when, can be an art!  As we begin to understand what's available to us, we can experiment with how best to use those tools, at any given time.  There is not always a single solution or formula to follow.  Instead, learning how to THINK like a Creative Genius goes a long way to get us through roadblocks, climb mountains, and navigate our personal oceans.   

paulacsnyderspeakerLOGOBUTTONOR BLKpaulacsnyderspeakerLOGOBUTTONorange  YES, YOU'VE GOT TALENT!:  Using Your
hidden Creative Genius to Build Confidence:

We often admire others who are gifted and/or talented, while negating our own skills and accomplishments.  (Why do we do that?)  It's okay to recognize and applaud ourselves. Don't be shy!  There are times when if we don't do it for ourselves, nobody else will do it for us either.  When we can feel, and act, with confidence, magic happens - and doors open!

Paula believes everyone has a little bit of Creative Genius.  She walks us through steps of recognizing and understanding things we can admire within ourselves.  Then she helps us grow our confidence until we can become the Creative Genius we recognize in others.

paulacsnyderspeakerLOGOBUTTONOR BLKpaulacsnyderspeakerLOGOBUTTONorange  FEELING BEAUTIFUL...  Using Your hidden Creative Genius to Let Your Inner Beauty Shine:
Ever heard that phrase "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder"?  What are we beholding when we look in the mirror?  Do we listen to the opinions of others or compete in popularity contests?  Paula spent years fighting comments of those who "loved" her (and those that didn't).  She finally came to the realization that inner beauty comes from the good things we recognize within ourselves.  As we learn to focus on that good, the good becomes more important than what others think.  Another perk of that focus: When we feel beautiful from the inside, that beauty and inner glow shines bright on the outside too. 

Paula's shares stories and personal experiences that can help us understand our own beauty and how impactful that inner/outer glow can be on ourselves and others. 

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