CHOICES, PACKAGES, PRACTICES (Live & Virtual Options)!   
Spark your conference with a unique creative twist or two.  

Life is full of change and challenges.  Why not meet them THINKING like a Creative Genius.  The ability is in all of us.  We just need to recognize it in ourselves and apply it.

I would like to show your conference attendees how.  Let's discuss the possibilities. 

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Up to 60 minutes: Conference starters, after meal talks, topic openers, closing calls to action: Motivational/Inspirational messages, customized to apply to the conference theme/group


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60 minutes - one or multiple sessions: Interactive, learning, fun, creative:  Excercises for open-mindedness, everyday applications for refreshed thought processes

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On premises as needed: Free time mingles, meet & greet receptions, interactive spontaneous creative or musical projects/activities, and book signings:  Open informal conversations to get to know attendees and let them get to know me


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Portion to Full event:  Organized, warm, engaging, event leadership:  Your team partner for an amazing event!


paulacsnyderspeakerLOGOBUTTONOR BLKpaulacsnyderspeakerLOGOBUTTONorange  PACKAGES:
One piece, combinations, half day, whole day, full conference:  Combine services - versus a la carte:  Solutions for various budgets


paulacsnyderspeakerLOGOBUTTONOR BLKpaulacsnyderspeakerLOGOBUTTONorange  HIRING TIPS : 
Share your vision Though budget is always a consideration, more importantly - audience matters.  There is no "one-size fits all" talk that motivates and inspires everyone every time.  Each conference attendee looks for their own takeaways.  What makes a conference worthwhile for them?  Those who purchase tickets do so for various reasons, like general conference offerings, travel location, educational opportunities, networking, and maybe just having fun with like-minded others.  Some choose to attend because of industry/job requirements/standards.  Employers sometimes sponsor/compensate/reimburse their employees to attend.  Each audience member's reason to attend, coupled with individual attendee expectations and unique conference themes, plays into a speaker's success with your audience.  As a client, divulge audience diversity range, conference theme, and hopeful audience takeaways with your potential speaker. 

Have a real conversation!  In a world with myriads of choices, how does somebody pick the right person for the job?  If you haven't already heard an interesting speaker you'd like to hire, there are certainly meeting planners who can manage the details.  Otherwise, there are referrals from others, on-line hiring applications/websites, and lengthy internet searches.  Watching speaker videos can be great, though videos can be planned and edited.  Aside from learning about your prospective speaker's abilities and experiences based on promotional material, a real conversation helps us recognize our own gut feelings or red flags towards that person.  Listen to your gut!  Are you connecting with your potential speaker?  Do you see/hear/sense any difficulties?  Does this person bring out the feeling of confidence in you?  Do you feel a positive energy just from the conversation?  Are they coming up with ideas and considerations you had not thought of?  If two people are connecting, that feeling can still be backed up with promotional material and confirmed references.

Don't forget to ask...  Making assumptions can become a problem later on.  Ask questions - common questions, curious questions, even "stupid" questions (though no question is really stupid).  Whether it has to do with contracts & downpayments, or if that speaker will be bringing an enterage of assistants with them, it's your right to know.  Similarly, respond in kind if your potential speaker has questions.  If you can't answer, another source may.  (For instance: equipment & AV set up questions might be answered by your event venue, or the emcee, or the chairman of the event committee; financial questions might be deferred to the event's treasurer, the host company comptroller, or an organization's elected treasurer.)  As a speaker, I may ask general event questions, or questions about timing, challenges with the plan I envision as we are talking, or even attire.

My methods include:  We determine as many details about your event before either of us make a commitment.  (Conversation takes place for free.)  My ability to meet your vision is important to determine even before the fees.  Once we agree we are a mutually good fit based on topic and personality connection, if we really want to work together, my fee should reasonably fit within your budget.  Otherwise, we can come up with a creative solution that will work for both of us.  I do require a signed agreement with a non-refundable 50% deposit to confirm and hold dates.  With that agreement, there may be an action list to follow - one list for myself as your vendor, and a list for you as the client.  (For instance, if you will need promotional shots and a bio from me by a certain date to publicize your event, that item will be on the action list to complete.)  Communicate!  It's good to touch base several times between contract signing and your event.  That way we can both feel confident about our plan together.


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