Love Trilogy in 3/4 Time EP & Seasonal Sentiments EP Combination

Love Trilogy & Seasonal Sentiments
$10.00 each


Purchase "Seasonal Sentiments" EP and "Love Trilogy in 3/4 Time" EP as a combination package.  Both packaged for gift-giving, each CD has 3 original songs (short CD is called EP) by Raleigh, NC singer-songwriter Paula C Snyder, shrink-wrapped in a beautifully designed cardboard sleeve for easy shipping, adding to a gift basket, another package, or slipping into a stocking during the holidays. 

"Seasonal Sentiments" music is easy listening with songs about keeping positive and feeling Christmas happy all through the year (Like Christmas Morning), letting go and watching the joyful result (Your Place Christmas Eve), and receiving to later pay forward with good-luck wishes (This Christmas Cactus). 

"Love Trilogy in 3/4 Time" has 3 melodic love stories in waltz rhythm.  Soothing vocals tell melodic stories about searching for love (Of Love), finding love (Would Wait to Meet My Love) - a Renaissance feel, and lasting love (A Quiet Love).  (Also available singly and as downloads.)

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