Paula C Snyder is a Raleigh, NC Entrepreneur.  A "mother of reinvention",  she's adapted creatively to all sorts of situations.  Her upcoming book "Staying Inspired" uses real life experiences and creative ideas to help others get through life's ups and downs. 

Self-Advocacy vs Self-Diagnosis? The Waiting Room!

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Oh my gosh! My right shoulder and arm have been feeling oddly numb and “heavy-ish” for over a week, though I have no pain. The sensation came on suddenly upon waking one morning. It is difficult to describe this vague persistent “discomfort”. Being right-handed, this has interfered a bit with a variety of regular activities. So far, I have no definitive answer about what the problem is and how to treat it. Emotionally upset, my confidence is shaken when considering future commitments. My mind races. I get anxious and wonder “What will happen next?” Am I having a heart problem? On...

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Add New Meaning to Spring Cleaning!

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Spring cleaning!   Out with the old, in with the new!   Feels good to declutter our surroundings, right? Wondering what to do with all the stuff you find during your "Spring Cleaning"?  This article, initially written as a guest blog for Activate Good, will help you take your efforts to new (and creative) levels!    Activate Good, a Raleigh NC nonprofit, connects volunteers with opportunities to serve, educates folks on community issues, assists companies to fulfill their corporate social responsibility, empowers youth to lead and serve, and so much more.  If you aren't in the Raleigh NC area, there are likely organizations in your...

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Singing Telegram? Or Tasteful Serenade?

A Singing Telegram?  Isn't that when someone dresses up in a silly costume, runs up to a designated person, sings "Happy Birthday" (or something else), and does something embarrassing for the fun of it? Do they still do that? Singing telegrams have been around since 1933. Per Wikipedia, they were first delivered by Western Union, as an attempt to make telegrams more popular and fun than the standard topics of urgent news: (like "Your uncle died. Stop. Funeral in 2 weeks. Stop...." - you get the idea). Telegrams were delivered in person. When telephones became a standard household service in the 1960s, in...

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Volunteerism - Giving Back - Emphasize Abilities!

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Giving Back - Emphasize Abilities!   When it comes to volunteering, we all have our individual skill sets, interests, and passions.  Though some people are prone to talk in terms of deficit, or judge and compare others, why not choose inclusivity and ability instead? This article, initially written as a guest blog for Activate Good, (during our Covid Pandemic shortly after the 30th anniversary of the American Disabilities Act) addresses misconceptions around people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. (We'll abbreviate as “I/DD” here). Read some beautiful success stories about community residents with I/DD who are giving back along with some organizations in Raleigh NC who help facilitate this emphasis...

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Who Led Santa's Sleigh? "Hey Gertrude"...


I Did It!   My friend, (amazing author, publisher, film producer, creative guru, and more) Ann Jagger (see references & links below), started an annual series of short story collections a few years ago.  Every month each year from February through October, she would post a "prompt" to get us started.   Folks (18 years or older) can give it a try and submit their stories.   Ann selects the best stories to include in that year's volume at the end of each year.   There are currently 5 volumes in print.  If you want to rise to the challenge, the next story prompts begin...

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