Creative Talented Person of the Month.......

Please send us your nominations for a creative person in the community who is doing something special for others in the creative community beyond their own personal or business activities.

You can nominate someone else in the greater NC Triangle area, or you can nominate yourself!  (There is nothing wrong with tooting your own horn...)

Please provide:

  • Nominee's Name, Group, or Business Name
  • Main Nominee Contact Person
  • Nominee's Address, City, State, Zip, Area Code, E-mail address, and Phone Number
  • General Person, Group, or Business Focus
  • What is this Person, Group, or Business doing beyond their own focus that benefits the community or other creative people in the community?  (If the Person, Group, or Business does not have a creative focus, how are they promoting creativity or creative people in the community?  If the Person, Group, or Business does have a creative focus, what is the focus, and what are they doing to provide more for the community or creative community beyond their immediate focus?)
  • Please provide your own name and direct contact information (address, e-mail address, and area code/phone number)
  • Can we share your name as the nominator on this site?
  • Jot down a paragraph or two about why you are nominating this person and why they deserve to be noticed.

We will contact both the Nominee and Nominator for permission before posting the article here.




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