Are you looking for some creative talented people for a project or special event?

Hire a musician for ambiance at a special occasion, an artist to draw caricatures at your event, a dance team to put on a show, a song written for a special someone, a photographer to document a life milestone, & other services.





  • Pick Pretties, (Creative Talented People Founder) Custom Guitar Pick Earrings
  • Lifted Millinery, Custom vintage inspired hats & accessories - Also enjoy "Fascinator Bar Parties" at YOUR event!



  • Grandma Paula, (Creative Talented People Founder) Music & Creative Play for Kids
  • Paula C Snyder, (Creative Talented People Founder) Live Music for your Special Occasions





  • Amber M Smith, Leadership, Social Change (Represented by PC Snyder Creative Enterprises LLC)
  • Paula C Snyder, (Creative Talented People Founder) Inspiration, Motivation: "Ignite Your Hidden Creative Genius"



  • Verses to Go, (Creative Talented People Founder) Custom Poetry, Songwriting, Articles, Advertising Copy, and more



**We are building our list!  If you are a creative talented person who would like to offer products and/or services through this website, please contact us directly.  We appreciate those who conduct their activities in a reliable and professional manner, delivering high quality products and services. We may ask for samples, examples, references, and commit you to certain terms to maintain consistency with our mission and service policies.  Otherwise, we assume that you have already acquired legal permission to use any intellectual material or products created or manufactured by a third party and hold you responsible for that.  We do not post anything on our own website that poses questions about copyright infringement.  For instance, all music samples on this site are original or in the public domain.  We encourage and support original works.

**PC Snyder Creative Enterprises LLC offers limited marketing/management/agent services to select individuals.  Unless noted "represented by PC Snyder Creative Enterprises LLC", all individuals listed here are self-represented.

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