garden parties

Vocalist / Guitarist / Pianist / Songwriter


Putting on a festival, market, fundraiser, open house, or grand opening?  Live music is great option to encourage shoppers to purchase fresh produce and crafts, build supportors for a cause, or invite customers to explore your venue (tours, wine tastings, meet your staff). 

Being a versatile performer, I can set a fun family friendly tone for outdoor public events, enhance fundraisers with themed sets or relevant original music, and add a corporate sophistication through appropriate song/genre choices and volume control.  Using my guitar, piano, or both, we have lots of options!


Consider the following for successful implementation of music at your event:

  • Set up location should be easily accessed (drive up, loading/unloading, parking)
  • Keep musician placement away from direct food/drink/server traffic areas (tripping hazards, excess volume)
  • Ask your music vendor to complete and test setup before your guests arrrive
  • Hire event/audio/staging service/technician for sound support if more than 200 guests expected at one time
  • Maintain a tent outdoors to shade musician and their instruments from prolongued heat, sunlight, or sudden rain
  • Plan alternate venue or location for the same date in case of adverse weather
  • Start early and have musician vendor co-promote your event (supports event and draws more people) 

Contact me directly to discuss various options.

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