Can I have a special pair made?
Sure, you can choose a base pick from our stock by manufacturer, color, or imprinted design.  Tell us what you plan to match up or your favorite colors, and we will try to work up a design that is right for your outfit, personality, or whatever reasoning you are starting with.  We can also order bulk colors and styles to make designs for a group, party favor, or reunion (for instance).

Let us know if you find a great line of pick designs…
If you have a favorite guitar pick brand you use or have found a fun design to work with, please let us know.  We can then attempt to gain manufacturer permission, order some special stock to keep on hand, design some new styles.

Watch for holiday designs!
How about some heart-shaped guitar pick earrings for Valentine’s day, Green & Gold St. Patty’s Day styles, Easter Egg colors for Easter, Summer tropics styles, or Fall earth tones?  Some of our current designs are great for seasonal gifts or wear.  Ask us to customize for your special holiday.

Where did this idea come from?
This is really not a new idea.  Others have made and still make guitar pick jewelry.  Why did we start making these earrings?  When PC Snyder Creative Enterprises founder, Paula C Snyder, was asked to start performing for children, alter-ego “Grandma Paula” was “born” to entertain kids.  Paula hand-sewed a silly outfit to go with the image.  Since Grandma Paula uses her acoustic guitar to lead songs, it seemed natural to accessorize by making earrings out of guitar picks (also goes with her original kids song “Grandma’s Earrings”).  Paula always enjoyed creating things and decided she could create more such fun earrings for others to wear.  In a pinch, some could actually be used as guitar picks to strum the guitar!  Some other ambitious ideas are bubbling for future products made with guitar picks (like vests, handbags, necklaces, etc.)  These will later make some great custom gifts & apparel for your favorite musician.  Paula often wears the guitar pick earrings as costume jewelry during performances and sometimes just out and about!

Why is there printing on the pick?
The guitar picks are generally imprinted with the manufacturer’s trademark or manufacturer’s/distributer’s logo.  Paula thought it would be cool to leave the brands intact – (like you wear Tommy Hilfiger or Gloria Vanderbilt).  Also, because it might be good advertising for the pick manufacturer, Paula thought it would be easier to get permission to use the picks for the purpose of designing, sharing, and wearing if the branding stayed intact.  Some of the picks come already printed with really cool designs that Paula incorporates when embellishing with beads.

Do you use sterling silver or 14K gold?
These earrings are intended to be inexpensive, fun, and a novel form of costume jewelry.  The picks used are usually some form of plastic.  So, to be consistent with the base materials, just regular plated hooks are used as findings.  The beads and sequins used embellish the designs, creating dangles without adding much weight.  We always recommend healthy & safe precautions of cleaning your earring hooks/findings & pierced skin holes before inserting earring hooks/posts (as you may have been taught to do when you first got pierced).   You have the option to switch to your favorite silver, gold, or extra sensitive ear hooks on your own.  (We do make clip earrings on request.)

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Bring in your souvenirs!

Did you find a special pick somewhere?  A souvenir from your favorite artist at a concert?  We can try to incorporate your own picks in a design for you to wear.