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Celebrating your special occasion outdoors?  Whether wedding, picnic, birthday, friendly gathering, family reunion, or just because, garden parties are a beautiful way gather together.  They can be held in an event venue garden, your own backyard, or a public outdoor spot that allows reservations.  I have brought my acoustic guitar out for some lovely garden parties and weddings.  Surrounded by nature's beauty, colorful flowers, blue skies, and fresh air, there's a peacefulness and connectedness that doesn't feel the same indoors.         

Some options and tips to consider when including live music at a garden party:

  • Acoustic instrumentation is the easiest set up outdoors with nice sound in immediate area for up to 30-40 guests.
  • Battery powered amplification adds a little more volume, though sound quality and battery stamina may vary.
  • Electricity nearby?  Amplified set up allows a more standard volume and music quality for larger groups.
  • Look for a shady spot or consider a tent.  Instruments (and people) are sensitive to prolongued heat and sunlight.
  • Wet grass from previous rainfall or heavy morning dew can be hazardous for electrical devices (walking in spikey heels!)
  • Nearby parking will accomodate easy event set up/break down (and don't forget accessible restrooms...)
  • Plan B.....Why not create the "What if" scenario up front?  Smartly modified, the party can go on - rain or shine.

Beautiful days or starlit nights!   Let's discuss the logistics for your garden party's success.

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