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Paula C Snyder as "Grandma Paula" offers a back-to-basics approach in kids entertainment and creative play. 

She performs nostalgic kids favorites (songs you and your parents may remember), original songs for kids, and engages children in creative/imaginative play, sing-along, dance, simple games, and related activities.

A soft mix of serious and silly, Grandma Paula's personality is warm & approachable.  For most performances, Grandma Paula prefers singing with her acoustic guitar, allowing up-close & personal engagement.  Utilizing available tools & supplies, Grandma Paula often creates as she goes! test


GRANDMA PAULA IS FUN FOR LITTLE KIDS!   Here's my story:  2013 03 17 14.06.49 2 resized

Though I have always enjoyed being around little ones, it never occurred to me to use my music for kids programs until a few situations led me in that direction.  When my niece was 12, we had a playful discussion about her dog and wrote down some rhyming lines.  That eventually became the song, "Cookie (the Dog)", now in an illustrated book.  Then I was performing at a local coffee shop where some toddlers were hanging out with their families.  As I interacted, someone said "You ought to entertain kids!".  I started thinking about that.  When our twin granddaughters turned 3 years old, I wrote them some special songs about our experiences together.  As I remembered the joy of singing and playing with my own Dad, it made sense.   I tried it, creating the persona "Grandma Paula".   

I designed and sewed my own smocks and created some very long guitar pick earrings, ready to play, engage, and entertain your kids with music!  

 You should know that Grandma Paula's...

  • Persona (as shown) and performances are geared towards young children (infants to age 5)
  • Appearances can be more versatile for family entertainment (wearing street clothes or GP T-shirt)
  • Music selections are simple and repetitive songs many of us grew up with
  • Repertoire includes songs she writes for kids (sometimes on the spot!)
  • Programs may be customized to suit a theme (given some notice)
  • Engagement with the children focuses on their level, is interactive, and often reactive to what the kids suggest
  • Instrumentation is best "unplugged" so Grandma Paula can move and dance along with everyone
  • Larger events may be performed using amplification (speakers, mic, cords)

**Note: Grandma Paula wants to keep your children safe.  Please stay with your children and attend to them during performances.

Grandma Paula can appear at festivals, open houses, preschools, parties, and other events.

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