... intimate soothing to refreshing whimsy, jazzy smoothing to gutsy bluesy, stories portrayed & emotions conveyed...

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What They Are Saying About Hazy Moon Records


"I thoroughly enjoyed the 2 CD's I purchased from you.  My favorite song was This Christmas Cactus.  The lyrics speak so well about the true spirit of the season."  J. Mason, Raleigh NC (Seasonal Sentiments)


"After a stressful day I want music to help me relax, but with enough energy and heart to keep me interested. Renewed by Paula C. Snyder has the balance I was looking for."    ~ D Kramer, Raleigh, NC

I received your CD today & immediately played it (actually 3 times in a row)....Some of the material was so profound & my gosh...such easy listening..."    ~ I Gleason, Kerman, CA

"...You have a beautiful voice.  It’s so soothing & calming and it is just beautiful.  I love the CD"    ~ D Morris, Raleigh, NC

 "I listened to your CD twice yesterday and I LOVE your music! Your songs and your instrumentals are just wonderful!  On my way to work I heard the first 3 or 4 songs and one of them has playing in my head all day! You have so many different songs from the lullaby to rock n roll!"    ~S Hodge, Raleigh, NC

"...I was elated by the medley of original songs and music. The CD presents a wide range of human emotions, such as, personal strength, romantic love, past relationships, sensitivity toward a child, and more, all successfully accomplished with catchy melodies in a wide range of tempo and mood. I can imagine Tina Turner dynamically singing "Burn Down." In all it is a lovely and worthy CD which will grace any collection...   The more I listen to it, the more I love it..."    ~L Martin, Hollis Hills, NY


"I just listened to your CD.  It was wonderful.  I could relate to a lot of the music because we've all been up & down the road of love and your songs expressed some of my experiences.  I thought the songs were very beautiful.  You have a beautiful voice with a quality about it that you don't hear in most female ballad singers. Some of the songs made me feel mellow & some made me want to get out on the dance floor & dance a little bit!"    ~C Webb, Raleigh, NC


"I listened to the songs....VERY GOOD MUSIC!!! YOU HAVE A BEAUTIFUL VOICE!!!! I like the arrangements, and the whole album is a winner!

Wow, you've done well!"     ~C Chandler (New Mexico fan)

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