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...intimate soothing to refreshing whimsy, jazzy smoothing to gutsy bluesy, stories portrayed & emotions conveyed...

paula dProlific songwriter and seasoned performer, Paula C Snyder offers musical styling for a variety of venues, events & special occasions.

Original & Commercial Cover genres range from nostalgia & show tunes, to jazz & blues, folk & pop, soft & country rock, even child friendly songs!  

Performances are custom tailored for the audience.

Paula has performed at nightclubs, inns & resorts, restaurants, cafés, country clubs, corporate events, non-profit fund raisers, commercial buildings & shopping centers, weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties, retirement centers, hospitals & health care facilities.

Recently, Paula added motivational speaking to her repertoire of creative services.  With a variety of unique life experiences, and a "can do" attitude, presentations can be prepared with or without musical focus.  Watch for more information soon.

"My appreciation for music started when I was just a little girl.  We explored and listened to many types of music.  Dad used to entertain us during long trips by leading sing-a-longs in the car.  My sister & I had high sweet blending voices & Dad would pop in with a harmony or two to see if we could stay on key.  At family gatherings, everybody present put on great harmony."  Read more about how it began... 

"Those harmonious feelings stayed with me through the years, and now I live to bring the love and joy of music to others."

~Paula C Snyder

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