℗ © 2023 Paula C Snyder (lyrics/music/sound recording) ASCAP
Published on "Sing Me - 3 Ways" Digital Album
Available in Vocal, Instrumental, & Karaoke Versions 
Sing Me 3 Ways - Album Cover

Sample "EXHALE"  

The Story:   I was enjoying a writing activity with some other women.  We picked single word prompts to get some thoughts started.  The second word we selected was "Exhale".  Each woman was to write something about the word, whether story, essay, poem, or other expression.  I started a poem (my "go to"), but it wasn't flowing well.  In a random lightbulb moment, I slapped my thighs with a beat as I worked through some short punctuated phrases.  The current version of lyrics followed.  When I shared the piece with the other women, they exclaimed "It sounds like Rap!"  Being a melodic vocalist, I had a difficult time digesting that.  Rap was not my thing!  What would I do from there?  I created some ambient background music to back up the spoken words, and other effects fell into place.  The result may evoke a listeners emotions in a variety of ways.  I strike with a poignant message at the end....  

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Jump in.  Go fast.  No fear.  Make it last.
Breathe Deep.  Hold in.  Put the world in a spin.
Run hard.  Don’t stop.  Push back.  Can’t drop.
Live the story.  There’s no fail.
But sooner or later, we’ve got to exhale.

Put aside.  Turn away.  Let things go.  Hold at bay.
Burn it down.  Wrap it up.  Wear the crown.  Fill the cup.
Do it now.  Take the blow.  Figure out.  High or low.
Twist it.  Shake it.  Do not bale.
Still, sooner or later, we’ve got to exhale.

Stress lingers.  Makes us sick.  Higher goals.  Time does tick.
Working more gives us funds.  Hours keep passing by.  It stuns.
Years move on.  Age is greater.  Moving closer to meet our creator.
Too late now.  We’re very frail.
At last, we expire -- as we finally exhale.


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