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While visiting my sister one year, my preteen niece and I were talking at the table.  We started writing silly verses about her family's rescue, "Cookie" (a dog).  One thing led to another and a melody came into my mind to go with the words.  After a family discussion, everyone agreed that I could hone our playful verses into a published song about their "Cookie", now known as "Cookie (the Dog)".

Later, I ran into an amazing artistic guy, Mac McCord.  Mac not only loved dogs, but showed, handled, and boarded them.  He agreed to illustrate a book version of the song.  A collaboration ensued and the "illustrated" song/story "MeetCookie (the dog)" is the published result.

"Meet Cookie (the dog)" is a song/story for the young, young at heart, and dog lovers too!  (If you love your dog, you will likely recognize some of Cookie's antics in your own pet.)

Look!  Read!  Hear!  Sing!    Fun & engaging, the book package includes a saddle-stiched paperback with bold colurful pictures, simple sheet music, and a CD with narration and performance by myself (aka "Grandma Paula" in this instance)


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Mac created a puppet show when we first launched our book
("Grandma Paula" is pictured here with "Cookie (the Dog) puppet!)

**The book is available in our web-store as a complete package.   Amazon also carries a paperback version without the CD, which still includes the sheet music (notated right onto a book page).   With proof of purchase from Amazon, and on direct request, we will share the voice narration and song files - assuming your devices are compatible with USA based e-mail, downloading, and audio file standards). 



We also have this separate CD companion for purchase.

~ Lyrics/music by Paula C Snyder (aka Grandma Paula)
~Illustrations by Mac McCord (artist/puppeteer/playwright/actor/musician).


Sample the Audio here:  



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