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  "Meet Cookie (the dog)" - An illustrated song for the young and young at heart.  Look!  Read!  Hear!  Sing!  Fun & engaging, the package includes a saddle-stich paperback picture book, simple sheet music, and a CD with narration and performance by "Grandma Paula".

~ Lyrics and music by Paula C Snyder (aka Grandma Paula) with illustrations by Mac McCord (artist/puppeteer).

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A new perfect-bound paperback version is now available on Amazon.  Audio downloads are available here on our local website with proof of purchase.  Contact Grandma Paula for more information.

Meet Cookie (the dog)

Listen to Sample Tracks

(Companion CDs and downloads
will be ready soon)
Cookie (the Dog) - song sample
Meet Cookie (the dog) Book  Narration by Grandma Paula

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What They Are Saying About Cookie (the Dog)

"I love your cookie the dog book and cookie the dog companion CD with narration. The combination works really well together. The page turning barks was a cute idea, and your song is perfect for the story." ~K Strickler, Nampa, ID

"Paula...Grandma grandchildren LOVE "Cookie The Dog"!  It has become the "put in the Cookie CD" when I carpool them.  The 3 "in town" grandchildren range from 2 - 5 and all enjoy listening to it at their respective competence levels.  The older child loves reading and turning the pages when they hear the dog bark...and, even the 2 year old now knows how to correctly go through the book...all love singing the song.  Thank you for creating the book/CD and recording it!"  "Of course...(you may share my comments)'s a small token for what that book/CD has meant to my grandchildren...and, I've almost memorized the song...and, can bark pretty good now!" ~ J Murphy, Raleigh, NC

"I really like the sounds effects on the CD."....."I really like the big grin on Cookie in the pictures in the book."
~ Moretz children, Norfolk, VA



"Cookie the Dog was written to entertain and lift the spirits of adults and children alike.  You cannot hold back smiles and giggles and get in touch with your inner child.  Loved it Loved it....It is infectious – especially for us dog lovers, but for anyone that wants to feel happy!"  ~ K Mehler, Detroit, MI