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More than a singing telegram...I have presented customized personalized music gifts for many years.  The "go to" for workplace music presentations, coworkers used to call on me for retirements, birthdays, and promotions.

Singing telegrams originated ~ 1933.  They are still popular!  Family members, love partners, and friends frequently request my assistance in creating these unique "gifts" of celebration.  

Arrange a heartfelt, personalized experience they will not forget...

My customized presentations or "mini-concerts" feature vocals with acoustic guitar.  I am often asked
 "Will you......"

  • Wear a costume?  I may create an "era" look from my wardrobe.  Most often I wear nice street or performance clothes.
  • Be provocative?  Consider me a family friendly artist, for all ages - great-grandparents to young children.
  • Embarrass my friend?  Though a surprise may cause embarrassment, I won't intentally embarrass or insult.
  • Serenade my friend at the hospital?  We must clear medical status, visitor, and security restrictions first.
  • Come to my workplace?  Workplace celebrations are fun and welcomed when not disturbing with productivity.
  • Show up at a restaurant?  It's possible as long as overhead music is turned off and the restaurant management agrees.
  • Sing at a public venue?  Let's ask about laws/rules governing live music in public spaces, times, dates in your location.
  • Play "our" song?  If the song is already in my repertoire or time allows learning a solo version, then absolutely - YES!
  • Do this today?  Maybe, but I am often booked ahead.  Best bets?  Be flexible or allow advance planning time. 

My clients love collaborating with me!  Let my expertise guide you in honoring anniversaries, birthdays, showers, awards, accomplishments, retirements, marriage proposals, and other special milestones!

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2013 Paula C Snyder and Grandma Paula photos by Chris Florio were made possible by the Regional Artist Project Grant.  The Regional Artist Project Grant is funded and administered by the United Arts Council of Raleigh and Wake County.  
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