Vocalist / Guitarist / Pianist / Songwriter


Generally, I dress appropriately in normal casual to formal clothing for your special occasions.  However, simple inexpensive costumes are open for discussion.

"Purry Paula" is shown here as my Halloween persona!  "Grandma Paula" wears a handmade smock and guitar pick earrings all the time.  I have also pulled an everyday (not "flapper" style) 1920s "Great Gatsby" look and other costume ideas out of my own closet.

Do consider that some costumes are not conducive to performing.  Clients may absorb the cost for purchase, rental, or materials to create a custom costume for their event.

Themed music is an easier to implement option.  Both fun and educational, this is one of my fortes!  I can usually pull historical era and various popular genres from my repertoire or learn them.  I have included songs all the way back to the American Revolution (but not a full hour's worth).  Popular genres like Broadway, folk, rock, country, adult contemporary, singer songwriter, jazz standards, Patriotic, etc. are fairly easy for me to cover.

 Try to plan ahead!

  • Have an idea?  Certainly ask.  If I can pull it off with quality and in a timely fashion, anything is possible.
  • Not sure what you want to do?  We can brainstorm the perfect theme between us.
  • For a serenade (singing telegram) or short 1-hour set, allow a few week's notice for me to learn or customize material.
  • If your event is longer (2-4 hours), I may need a few months to add / prepare additional tunes.
  • Musicals and Movie themes, Oldies 1050s-1970s, Holiday Tunes, Love Songs, are generic enough for shorter preparation.
  • Repeating monthly dates?  Yes, we can change the theme every time!
  • Do expect to sign an agreement and include a nonrefundable deposit to secure our commitment.

Let's get creative and have some fun.

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