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Out of town?  Can't visit in person?  Though pre-recorded videos and streamed performances have been around a while, we all had to get creative to keep busy during the 2020 pandemic.  I personally turned to live "socially distanced" programs outdoors, but was also asked to do some virtual programs.  (For an aged honoree, I even did a musical set over a speaker phone!)

Pictured here is a personalized Zoom background I prepared for an honoree's virtual 40th birthday party.  I showed up named "SURPRISE".  When I opened my camera to start the set, I sat with my guitar in front of this virtual backgound I made just for her.   With kind of a funky look, it was just the fun everyone needed. 

Notes for best success:

      • Share your virtual platform information with your performer early so they can practice working in that platform
      • Arrange a pre-event test date or time together and assure everything will go as expected
      • Prepare plan to address Internet service interruptions due to storms, power outages, instability, etc.
      • Be sure all of your guests/invitees understand how to login and have someone available to facilitate as needed
      • If you want to record, please ask permission from performer before you share their performance
      • Likewise, are you ready to sign a video release for musician's promotion through websites and social media?

I also give motivational speaking presentations on virtual platforms.

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