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My Dad taught himself to play the guitar and led sing-alongs with the family after dinner.  Then, I also taught myself guitar (at 15) so I could carry an instrument to sing with. 

I decided to focus on rhythm guitar instead of picking out lead guitar riffs.  My voice was the lead instrument.  I used the rhythm guitar to give songs definitive structure and still allow the lyrics to remain front and center.  This helps the audience to connect emotionally with the lyrics while physically foot tapping, swaying, or dancing to the rhythm.

The beauty of using a guitar is that I can show up just about anywhere and start playing acoustically.  I can also amplify my sound for a higher level of presence and larger crowd. 

Vocals with Guitar offers...

  • Portability to play - wherever - with little or shorter set up time
  • Acoustic set ups great for small spaces and intimate occasions
  • When amplified - compact equipment enables sweet presence or larger equipment boosts sound for distance
  • Great sound for blues, country, rock, folk, and singer-songwriter stylings, as well as jazzy standards
  • Compatiblity with blue jean casual or more formal ambiance
  • Stand up performances for face to face visuals and expressions for the audience
  • Interactive and engaging with visible instrument and moves (Play along on your "air guitar"!)

Let's discuss vocal-guitar options and benefits for your next event or occasion!

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