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Though I took piano lessons at age 6, I wasn't sold on it.  I realized the piano was great for exploring songs from the radio in high school.  It was so much more fun to play "by ear". 

Guitar was my "go to" when I first started performing, but if there was a piano available, I wanted to use that instead.  While touring the hotel circuit around the USA, I invested in a "portable" piano.  Fun fact: Back then, "portable" meant ~ 100-150# of piano, requiring at least two people to move it!  (It's a lot easier now!)

I prefer the piano to accompany myself on more jazzy styles and Broadway music, but most other genres sound great on piano too. 

Vocals with Piano offers...

  • A more formal / elegant ambiance to enhance your occasion 
  • Room sound option with portable electric using internal speakers for smaller groups
  • Ability to amplify for larger venues and bigger crowds
  • Great sound for easy listening, adult contemporary, jazzy standards, movie music, and Broadway tunes, as well as other genres
  • A classy feel for background, or a gathering center for song requests and sing-alongs
  • Versatility from the average singer-songwriter guitar-vocal performance
  • A second instrument to offer variation through your event.  (I can bring the guitar too!)

Is there a tuned, fully working piano on premises?  Ask about my fee incentive to use it.

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