SOLO LD174 PHOTOGEDIT LORES SQUARE470"I grew up questioning traditional conventions. Part congenial rebel, part distracted dreamer to outsiders - inwardly, my mind constantly raced with interesting ideas. My “why nots” led me to experiment with various creative adventures, and find ways to joyously tolerate more traditional settings. (I also had lots of fun along the way.)

When some people used the words "Creative Genius" to describe how my mind works, I identified with the "Creative" part, but the "Genius" part was iffy, to say the least!

As I researched the term "Creative Genius", I was surprised to find myself identifying with the idea. "Creative Genius" was more about a thinking process, coupled with a whole bunch of different personality traits.  A wide range of types from artistic to entrepreneurial fit the category.  Some "Creative Geniuses" were top intellects, while others were more average.

That, at least, explained why my mind is always crazy with ideas.  Okay, I'll take it.  "Creative Genius" sounds pretty cool!

I'd always been a strong believer that people had it in them to do the things they wanted and that there were a myriad of ways to accomplish those things.  Matching that idea with the "Creative Genius" concept, I knew there was a little bit of "Creative Genius" hidden in everyone! 

Maybe I could ignite others to take their own journey in finding more confidence, successes, and possibilities?  Adopting "Ignite Your Hidden Creative Genius" as a tagline for my speaking, I'm ready to share how I've helped myself, with others.

From Boardroom to Playground, let's defy limitations and embrace possibilities together. (Why not?!)"    

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What They Are Saying About Paula C. Snyder (Motivational Speaker)

PRESENTATION: OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS...USING OUR OWN "HIDDEN CREATIVE GENIUS" TO EMBRACE THE POSSIBILITIES:  "Paula is wonderful. She spoke at our Women in Networking group recently. Her energy and motivational message was well received and greatly appreciated. Many speakers deliver a message, Paula connects with the audience and makes a memorable and lasting impression. I would recommend Paula to any group looking for a speaker who links her personal experiences to the audience in which she is speaking."  ~M Owens, 2019-2020 President Apex WIN (Linkedin review)

MOTIVATIONAL PRESENTATION:  IGNITE YOUR HIDDEN CREATIVE GENIUS - TOOLS FOR PERSONAL REINVENTION:  "Great Performance!  Paula Snyder gave a wonderful account of self-discovery and cultivation of talents once hidden but eventually revealed through the up and downs in her life to a full-house at our Career Network Ministry event. Highly recommended." ~ A Delane, Apex NC (5 of 5 star review on

EMCEE: Keen attention to details, very easy communication!  "We hired Paula for our event June 29, 2019 as an Emcee.  Paula was very easy to communicate with, she did the planning with us over the phone for several times with us making so many changes with so much patience.  She has very keen attention to details and she carried out the event very well. The event was great!!!" (5 of 5 Star Review on ~ J C, Mebane NC

"Paula does a terrific job of engaging her audience through stories and anecdotes.  I've heard her speak a couple of times and have found her message to be motivational and empowering.  I would not hesitate to recommend Paula for your next event."  S Orcutt, Raleigh NC


"Captivating Woman: Paula draws you in from the first word she speaks.  She invites you into her world and you immediately settle in.  There is something very familiar about what she says.  Before long, you are smiling and shaking your head in agreement or reflecting on a thought provoking comment.  She connects with her audience like each one of you is a trusted friend.  Can't wait to hear her speak again!" and "Paula is the consummate professional. Her warm, giving personality shines through immediately. She is thorough, efficient and delivers (on time) more than expected. Paula's rapport with her audience is a joy to experience."  K Parker, Apex, NC

"Great Presentation!  Paula spoke to the North Raleigh Rotary Club and did an outstanding job. She spoke about finding your passion and used music to make the presentation entertaining as well as educational. I really appreciate her story and her performance. By the end of the speech, she had all of us singing!" (5 of 5 star review on "Paula spoke at my Rotary Club, the Rotary Club of North Raleigh, on finding your passion. She did an outstanding job with the presentation. She incorporated music, and was really did a great job. I blinked and she was wrapping up, she really engaged me!" (5 of 5 star review on ~ J Potts - N Raleigh Rotary Programs,  Raleigh NC

"Paula was keynote speaker for our state organization of activity professionals. She energized our group and brought insight and understanding into what we do for our seniors. Her musical talents gave our session an extra lift and I am very happy she was part of our conference."  M Guy (NCAPA Conference) (5 star review on