• Clayton Garage Band Mini Blues
  • D'Andrea Classic Blue on Blue
  • Clayton Infinity Silver
  • PW-Camou-Jade
  • Clayton Garage Band Pink Frills
  • Clayton Frostbyte Silver Wheel
  • Clayton Flame Hanging
  • Star Purple Chandelier
  • Clayton Raven Long Ambers
  • Planet Waves Cranberries
  • Black Ice Elegant BW
  • Clayton White Garage Band Elegant
  • PW-woodstock-redbird-wheels
  • D'Andrea Yellow Heart Pink Wreath
  • Clayton Angels Black Wood Bead
  • Deandrea Retro Green and White Square
  • Clayton Chocolate Garage Band
  • Indian Orange Star Picks
  • Clayton Garage Band Gray Pearl

Hand-made earrings and accessories incorporating guitar picks!

Picks are used as a backdrop or base, then embellished with beads & rings for the prettiest presentation. 

Like one of those pictured?  Want a custom-made pair?  Our web store is being repaired and updated, but you can still purchase your favorites right now!  


OPTION 1:  Some earrings are shown in the moving gallery boxes (above).  Anything shown is currently available.  Describe the photo of the pair you like.  Each pair is generally one of a kind, though there are a few with more than one pair or designs that could be re-made, or created in a different color.  We can confirm your order through e-mail with a corresponding photo, invoice (payable by credit card or ACH), and ship** prepaid orders to you.

OPTION 2:  Ask us to e-mail photos of other available earrings (or picks to make a custom pair) in your favorite color(s)!  We'll send some photos to choose from, then confirm the order through e-mail, invoice (payable by credit card or ACH), and ship** prepaid orders to you.

OPTION 3: Custom order:  Send a request for available pick styles, and your preference in direction (pick up or down), length (from top of pick design or bottom of hook or clip to bottom of earrrings), colors (pick color and/or bead embellishements), pierced or clipped - in goldton or silvertone.  We can also convert pierced to clip on items shown.  After correspondence about your preferences, we will create the order, invoice by e-mail (payable by credit card or ACH), and ship** prepaid orders.  Allow us a little extra time to make them up.  Make sure your detailed contact information is provided so that we may connect regarding your order as needed.

GIFTING?:  We'll pack up your order to mail to another recipient, tuck in a little handwritten note with your sentiments, or add a custom poem (see VersesToGo.com)!

 **NOTE: We only ship to USA destinations.

We use guitar picks manufactured by:

CLAYangel onchains 30

Steve Clayton Inc. eagle white

Prints & Solids from Guitar Picks and Custom Guitar Picks by Steve Clayton, Inc....

 PW green 3wheel 30

D'Addario & Planet Waves

Picks in Beautiful Pearls, sleek Black Ice, and Woodstock era designs...

 DANDheart red WHITEflowerbead 30

D'Andrea USA 

Whimsical Heart-shaped picks, Retro Bolds, and Pearlized Classics...

 STAR purplechandeliers 30

Everly Star Picks at Cleartone

An array of Coloful picks with a star-shaped hole (guitarists grip) in the middle...

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Bring in your souvenirs!

Did you find a special pick somewhere?  A souvenir from your favorite artist at a concert?  We can try to incorporate your own picks in a design for you to wear.

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