Quick songs will honor the special occasion
with lyrics and music that fits the equation.

We'll consider the recipient's interests and style
to make the song fit and make worthwhile.

The lyrics will be tweaked for our singing
The music might soften or leave you swinging!

Simple arrangements will be what's recorded
and a CD with custom gift label awarded

Live vocal and piano or vocal guitar
We'll work on a match for where ever you are.

We'll deliver the song by web or mail
(Or maybe in person if you're on our trail.)

We'll keep the rights to the song at this point
So the fees we must charge won't disappoint.

(But we can deliver a work that's for hire
If this is what you truly desire.)

Quick Songs fees will start at $150 or so
Unless your budget has room to grow.

Then make a multiple presentation
And leave your party guests with elation.


Additional Information

  • Verses to Go "Quick Verse" can be delivered electronically (you print) or by mail (we print)!

  • We can print it here in color and ship it. Shipping and Handling charges will apply.

  • We may need to speak with you about your order before custom writing begins.  Please provide us with detailed contact information when you order.

  • Writer maintains the copyrights.  Verses may be used by customer for non-commercial purposes. Contact us for additional options, quotes on special orders, licensing, or commercial works for hire.

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