"Quick Verses" are meant to be simple & fun
You can order them fast while you're on the run.

You first pick a paper to print your gift on
Then you choose the tone for your verse to don.
Answer some questions, so we have ammunition
to do the job right and serve our mission.

We'll want some contact information
in case your thoughts need some more translation.

Then look at the options of more things to add
and make sure your gift is suitably clad
Choose "print it yourself" or ask us to deliver
Make it easy for you, because you're the gift-giver

For songs customized or Verses in Seasons
We'll call you or e-mail to get your good reasons.
A little more detail we will ask for right quick
So we can provide a good song that will stick.

Pay for your order on-line as you please
And your Verse to Go will get done -- It's a breeze!

We want to leave our customers happy
With Verses to Go we'll deliver it snappy!


Additional Information

  • Verses to Go "Quick Verse" can be delivered electronically (you print) or by mail (we print)!

  • We can print it here in color and ship it. Shipping and Handling charges will apply.

  • We may need to speak with you about your order before custom writing begins.  Please provide us with detailed contact information when you order.

  • Writer maintains the copyrights.  Verses may be used by customer for non-commercial purposes. Contact us for additional options, quotes on special orders, licensing, or commercial works for hire.

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Paper orientation & available border colors