Love Trilogy

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This Love Trilogy consists of 3 melodic love stories.  Each song is in 3/4 time (you can waltz or slow dance to them!)

"Of Love" contemplates love and life...how it eludes...how it binds...and how to find it...Searching....

"Would Wait to Meet My Love" almost back to the Renaissance...an image in dark solitude, still trusting love will come...sharing joy & abandon when it does...Finding...

"A Quiet Love" tells the story of long-lived love...the calm, serene love that lasts beyond a lifetime...Lasting...

Hope you enjoy these sweet stories of love, presented with flowing melodies and smooth, soothing voice.

I listened to the songs....VERY GOOD MUSIC!!! YOU HAVE A BEAUTIFUL VOICE!!!! I like the arrangements, and the whole album is a winner! Wow, you've done well!"  

~C Chandler, New Mexico fan


Buy the downloadable CD for $5 or each track individually for $1.25 each!

Track Listen Lyrics
   Of Love

  Would Wait To Meet My Love

   A Quiet Love


A special note from Paula about A Quiet Love:

A Quiet Love”

Friday, August 7, 2009
Paula C Snyder —Special Guest Contributor for Baby Boomer Knowledge Center

Though both elderly, my mother (then late 70s) and her husband (mid 80’s), were in great physical & mental health and very active. They volunteered at the hospital, assisted friends & family in times of need, took classes, traveled, entertained at home, and socialized out often. Since they met, they’d been so happy to be together, always affectionate, supportive, and loving. I felt they were the ideal couple.

My mother and her husband were getting ready to celebrate their anniversary when they found out he had a malignant brain tumor. So, I watched my mother fight for him, push doctors to pursue a surgical biopsy. I watched him calmly, (and with good humor), go through the treatment and all its dire side effects. They continued to go out with friends and regularly joined us for family gatherings. They gazed lovingly into each others’ eyes and hoped to share their next anniversary. I watched as he struggled with loss of speech and motor control. Still, they shared their love. It came to me – “A Quiet Love”, I thought. Not the fiery, crazy, kind of love, but the sure and steady love that holds tight through thick and thin. Though the physical passion of new young love may have been lacking, they had a lifetime of forever love. “A Quiet Love”.

I wrote some poetry about it for my mother & presented it to her as a memento when he passed away. Last year I put it to music. Just before my mother’s birthday this year, I recorded it in a studio. Then, I prepared a CD with an every day - “Quiet Love” - kind of photo of the two of them together during better times. I gave it to her as a birthday gift. She was touched. And I am hoping, in my years to come, I will be able to hold on to love and experience it like my mother did. “A Quiet Love”.

Comment from Baby Boomers website:

What an amazing article! It was so well written, touching, and so filled with love. My parents are still together and they too share that quiet love. Wow.. I'm glad I decided to take a break from my typobounty to surf the web and found this site.  thanks

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