Renewed LP CD (long-play) with 15 original songs by Paula C Snyder from Sweet to Sultry. Easy listening, components of blues, jazz, pop, folk.  (Also available as a full CD download and by individual song downloads.)

1) I Think I'll Be Alright (smooth jazzy ballad)
2) Leave Love Behind (Santana-like Latin-rock)
3) From Then to Now (sweet sentimental easy listening)
4) Why Do You Keep Me Hangin' On? (swingy blues)
5) Michael, Can You Hear Me? (folk-rock)
6) Child of Lil's (soothing folk lullaby)
7) Indecisions (jazzy questioning)
8) Burn Down (folk-rock)
9) Old 30s Blues (sultry blues)
10) Letters (thoughtful reflection ballad)
11) Without You (rock ballad)
12) Independence Day Blues (easy listening folk-rock)
13) Broken (bluesy folk-rock)
14) Next Year (I Will Promise You) (contemporary love ballad, New Year's Eve, Wedding song)
15) Never Too Late (bluesy-rock)

Buy the CD with lyric insert for $15.50 or download all tracks for $12.89.  Download individual tracks for $0.99 each!

Track Listen Sheet Music
 I Think I'll Be Alright

Leave Love Behind

 From Then To Now

Why Do You Keep Me Hangin' On?

Michael, Can You Hear Me?

Child Of Lil's


Burn Down

Old 30s Blues


Without You

Independence Day Blues


Next Year

Never Too Late



After a stressful day I want music to help me relax, but with enough energy and heart to keep me interested. Renewed by Paula C. Snyder has the balance I was looking for."
~ D Kramer, Raleigh, NC

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