Love Trilogy in 3/4 Time

Love Trilogy
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"Gift" EP (beautifully packaged short audio CD).  Easy Listening, waltz rhythm, sweet folk sound  "Love Trilogy..." has 3 melodic love stories in waltz rhythm written and sung by Paula C Snyder.  Soothing vocals tell melodic stories...

Also available in combination packs with other gift EPs & CDs, single song downloads, or full EP download!

"Of Love" contemplates love and life...how it eludes...how it binds...and how to find it...Searching....

"Would Wait to Meet My Love" almost back to the Renaissance...an image in dark solitude, still trusting love will come...sharing joy & abandon when it does...Finding...

"A Quiet Love" tells the story of long-lived love...the calm, serene love that lives beyond a lifetime...Lasting...

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Would Wait To Meet My Love  
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