As both a guest and a host at a variety of events, I have observed a varity of hosts and emcees.  Some events are well organized, and others disorganized.  Some hosts and emcees make me feel valued as a guest and others make me feel totally uncomfortable.  My personal focus is to make people feel welcomed and comfortable with genuine caring.

What does an Emcee do?  That varies per Emcee.   As YOUR emcee, I can help you manage some planning details and be a confident presence at the event.  This will give you or your business/organization time to be attentive to details you are not delegating, and those attendees who need you most. 

It's my job to make sure we plan details ahead, anticipate difficult areas before the event, and keep the event running smoothly that day.  While there are unexpected moments we cannot control, I am there to cover/recover the situation gracefully and get things back on track.  Being very detailed AND creative makes me solution oriented and "quick on my feet".    

Though I am not a well-known celebrity or comedian, I am a confident vocalist/musician who is used to entertaining folks, and speaker who inspires.  I bring my positive nature and ability to connect with an audience   I don't just show up.  I take ownership and care about my client's events as if they were my own.

Here are some of the ways I can help you have a successful event:

paulacsnyderspeakerLOGOBUTTONOR BLKpaulacsnyderspeakerLOGOBUTTONorange  PLANNING THE EVENT FLOW/AGENDA

Let's talk about your event vision, purpose, and activities planned/desired.  In our discussion, I can help clarify the flow, make suggestions, identify things that could enhance - or be problematic, organize and share a detailed timeline draft, tweak the timeline after clarifications and discussions, and present a final agenda.


If there are places you want me to fill the agenda, encourage guests to take action, or introduce others, I can prepare specific appropriate commentary, fillers, and learn about those I will introduce (or assemble prepared introductions / bios to use in the right order).  It may be possible to connect with those special others/speakers during planning, to get questions answered or materials timely submitted. 


Close to event day, we revisit the agenda, walk through the details, make sure all components are properly in place, and adjust for any changes in the intended agenda.  I can help troubleshoot if a person you were expecting suddenly cannot make it.  This could mean assisting to find a substitute, revising the agenda so that portion is not missed, or preparing other ideas to fill in.


paulacsnyderspeakerLOGOBUTTONOR BLKpaulacsnyderspeakerLOGOBUTTONorange  WHEN IT'S SHOW TIME:
I'll be there in plenty of time to set up any tools I need to bring, test equipment, or work with your AV team.  As appropriate, I will introduce myself to venue staff, your event staff, and any guests or vendors involved in our agenda.  We can confirm the plan, make changes on the spot if needed.  Then, ON WITH THE SHOW!  Let's have a good time!

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