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Spring Renewal and Sidewalk Art!

Staying Inspired sidewalk4 9 20Spring’s always been my favorite season. It brings warmer weather with occasional cool days and winter storm surprises in most of the US areas I have lived. We can’t fully exchange our winter clothes for spring attire, because we are being teased about the real changes until the summer comes along!

I actually enjoy this erratic season. Spring wakes us up, keeps us on our toes, and whisks away boredom.

Spring brings renewal. April showers revive dormant trees and flowers, while softening the soil for new planting. Fragrant buds are blooming. Birds are singing up a storm. Woodpeckers are tap-tap-tapping, Our local Blue Jays are readying their nests. It doesn’t matter that our Woodpeckers want to peck holes in our beautiful freshly stained cedar siding, or that our Blue Jays want to nest directly in our mailbox. I can even overlook pollen provoking spring allergies. There’s just something amazingly refreshing about a spring day.

Everyone knows we must maintain “social distance” and stay at home right now, though we’ve been told we can take a walk or get a little exercise in the fresh air. Keeping that in mind, let's get beyond our restrictions for the moment, and treat spring like the renewal it is. How often have we wished for more time? Now, we have more time to stop and smell the flowers. 

Take a walk around the neighborhood.  What do you see? Grass is getting greener. Leaves and buds are growing on trees. People are tending to their landscaping or cleaning up their garages and porches. Kids are still playing, riding bikes, and roller blading close to home. Neighbors are out walking singly, with their pets, or in small family units. We are greeted with conversations and waves across our intentional distances.

On our last few walks near home, we observed messages of hope and renewal. The sidewalk art has been beautifully sweet. I haven’t seen the actual “artists” at work, so it’s difficult to say whether children, adults, or entire families have been engaging in these public displays of sidewalk art. Before the spring rains wash everything away, I wanted to share some photos I took during our walks.  Pictures speak louder than words!



Now what could be better than “LIVE. LOVE. STAY HEALTHY”

Renewal, life, togetherness, and good health is a perfect, relevant message for today.
It also infers hope and future.


LiveLoveStayHealthy small


We all need some of those, especially when the real ones can’t be given or received.

virtualhug small

A POSY FOR DADDY?daddyflower small












Don't remember how?
hopscotch small


A great philosophy for every single moment…
LiveLiftToItsBest small



.....And the message we’ve been hearing a lot every day.....

weareallinthistogether small

(a whole driveway full of hearts!)
hearts small


Just yesterday, a mother in our neighborhood posted a video of the chalk sidewalk games their family drew in front of their house. This was no ordinary hopscotch game.  It was an extensive set of exercises including hopscotch, zig zags, and round-abouts!  The video showed her little girl demonstrating each facet from beginning to end.  Mom pointed out she wanted everyone to have a smile when they walked by, hoping the rain wouldn't wash it all away. 

Alas, we did have a significant spring storm last night. Even so, we now have our photos and videos to share, and remind us of what we are all trying to do for each other.

Spring hope, renewal, and inspiration is here.  It’s always available to us - in everything - no matter where we are - if we allow ourselves to see it.  Find it close to home, right at home, inside, or outside. Find it alone or with others, whether together in-person or using technology.  Take advantage of the blessings we have within our hands and hearts.  Let’s continue to convey positive messages, be good neighbors - and share sidewalk art!

Staying Inspired,

Paula C Snyder


**Staying Inspired Artwork/Layout Created and Article/Blog Written by Paula C Snyder © 2020 – All Rights Reserved**
**Photos taken by Paula C Snyder - Sidewalk Art itself: credited to neighbor artists, Raleigh NC 27613

Stay at Home: Blessings in Disguise
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