More than a singing telegram!

Singer-Songwriter-Musician, Paula C Snyder, offers live heart-felt "serenades"
for your loved ones in the Greater RTP areas (NC)**

"Verses To Go" Serenades are prepared with Great care.

STYLE 1:  Customized Medley: 
Paula cleverly arranges excerpts of various songs to tell a personalized story of love, congratulations, or support from family members, friends, co-workers, (or even spouses to be).  Programs usually run from about 15-20 minutes.  (Note: A considerable amount of time and work occurs pre-presentation to prepare these unique programs.  Longer programs may be arranged, but will be priced accordingly.)  Aside from memories that linger long after "surprise", recipients receive a beautifully printed copy of the program as a keepsake.  Based on Paula's availability, preferred lead time is a minimum of 2 weeks.  Great for out-of-towners to gift their loved one on an occasion they cannot be present.  Fees begin at $150. 

STYLE 2:  Customized "Concert":  Paula will help you create a customized song list to present to the recipient.  Of that list, you pick the specific songs you want to be sure your loved one hears.  From there, the recipient can enjoy making some choices of the music "menu".  This works beautifully for those who are going through a rough time.  The songs on the list convey your message subtly, while the recepient can feel in control of what they choose to hear.  Programs usually run from 15 to 30 minutes.  Aside from the experience of a special personalize concert, recipients receive a beautifully printed copy of the menu as a keepsake.  Based on Paula's availability, preferred lead time is a minimum of 1 weeks.  Great for cheer ups and sweet surprises.  Fees begin at $125

STYLE 3:  Intimate Dinner Serenade:  Paula will bring her guitar (or piano) to your home to play music during a special meal.  Perhaps you've hired a caterer or personal chef for a special occasion?  Paula can set up in a corner or at a distance to give you room for conversation and perform in the background.  Make sure to provide Paula with your favorite meaningful songs to help create a sweet mood.  Based on Paula's availability, lead time will depend on whether you select songs in Paula's current repertoire.  If she has to learn a number of songs for your occasion, that may be possible, but requires more lead time.  Great for anniversaries, proposals, or just for fun!  Programs run about 2 hours.  Fees begin at $200 (with acoustic guitar) or $275 (with electric piano)

**Travel charges are added outside of NW Raleigh/RTP NC. 

**A 50% deposit versus full payment will be expected to confirm our commitment depending on how soon your event is coming up.  Full payment is required no later than the night before the day of engagement.

There are many combinations and creative presentation possibilities.  See Paula's music pages for availability as a musician at more standard events (parties, weddings, corporate events, etc.) 

Verses to Go can be combined with standard music programs. 

Paula also is a motivational speaker who could EMCEE or speak at your event. 

Traditional motivator and a little "creative genius", music and artistic projects can be included. 
Pose your thoughts for a presentation.  Paula is glad to help brainstorm a creative solution.


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