AUTHOR4Writer / Blogger / Poet / Songwriter

When I was young, I spent a lot of time expressing my emotions verbally and on paper.  Sometimes it was solely to get the emotions out.  Other times, to convey those feelings openly to others.  Starting with simple handwritten notes and conversational letters, I progressed to song lyrics and poetry.  School English and art classes led me to marketing terms and commercial art.  During a stint of traditional employment, I fueled my "how" through creative thinking, while using practical detail and organized specifics to support legal medical rationales.

In my world, there is as much joy in expressing for the sake of expression as there is in inspiring or writing on behalf of others.  My own book (in progress), "Staying Inspired", reflects some of that.  Want a glimpse of “Staying Inspired”?  Create a login and download your free excerpt here

I have used my writing skills to:

  • Create articles and short stories for publication
  • Express and connect human experiences through song and custom poetry
  • Report ideas and educate through blogs and guest blogs
  • Build an inspiring motivational speech
  • Organize agendas and outlines for action
  • Write letters, modify or update resumes
  • Prepare advertising copy (and graphics)

Trying to express your feelings?  Have a collaborative project?  Want to tell your story?  Connect with me!

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